Mini Darts

this time we were filming with a darts champion in a cool loft location. Shooting handheld with cooke s4 on an alexa mini.

FX9 Eyedirect

i get more and more requests for the eyedirect mirror system when shooting interviews and corporate films. With this device the protagonist can look the director right in the eyes while still speaking straight to camera. lovely setup on the sony fx9 with sigma cine lenses.

Going green again

Staring into the bright green with 3x ARRI Amiras for a BMW/Microsoft shoot at Screencraft studio. 

Le Mans 2018 Porsche

My return to the 24h of Le Mans also goes down as my 12th time at the most exciting race on earth. This time shooting for Porsche who took home a 1-2 victory in the LM GTPro class. Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini with Zeiss CP2 primes and Canon CN7 zoom as well as a Canon 50-1000 which was used by Emmanuel Suys for highspeed action shots on the track.

Shooting handball players for a LIDL commercial.

Highspeed (120fps) footage for an upcoming LIDL commercial. Arri Alexa, Canon CN7. 


Filming for UHD1 / Audi in may

2 days of filming with a variety of Audi cars including an Audi R8 LMS on Audi's track near Ingolstadt. Always a pleasure!

Green Screen for a TÜV commercial

Shot in 3.2K (UHD upscale) on Alexa Mini with the camera upright in order to get the highest resolution while shooting in the small room. Green KinoFlo's are great for this, too. 


Commercial shoot in April

Focussing on an apparently lost girl in the streets of Munich on a sunny april day. ARRI Alexa Mini on Easyrig.


More, bigger green!

This time a 180° green setup at tmt studio in munich. shot a spot for a sale-and-rent-back company in a completely virtual setting. 


Seeing green.

The month of september is very green. 3 Greenscreen projects in a row. ranging from a "studio-like" setup in a hotel shot on sony fs7 to big 180° filmstudio shoot on alexa mini.


Le Mans 24h

2016 marked my 11th time at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. It is usually the most strenuous job of the year, but always a great, big smile on my face...


Media Markt viral shoot

Short notice shoot on arri amira for an easter viral for media markt. it aired during the holidays.

Easter Island, Chile

2 weeks of Documentary shooting on easter island, feb. '16.

great experience, Beautiful Landscape, fantastic people and interesting heritage. I could film there for weeks and weeks.....


Car shoot...

Filming for BMW in a great location in Munich. 


Docu filming in Argentina

I have recently spent 10 days in Argentina filming for a new documentary format to be aired in 2016. Lots of horses, friendly people and plenty of dust covering our gear. This was also the first project involving my new sony a7sii camera for low light and action scenes .